New Book

Church Mission 教會使命

本教會, 以耶穌基督為首(弗5:23), 遵照聖經的原則去建立新約教會(太16:18 ;徒2:41-42), 帶領人歸向基督(腓2:15), 建立信徒成為基督的跟從者(提後2:2), 並裝備, 聯合和動員信徒(弗4:12-16)去推行基督的大使命(太28:19-20)

Vision & Core Values 異象和核心價值

Orlando Chinese Baptist Church will become a Church as:
Gospel Spreading; Disciples Multiplied; Passionately Worshipping God as a multi-cultural, multi-generational and multi-lingual community; Genuinely Love each other through our words, deeds and character with the love of Christ.

Plans and strategies 計劃與策略